avaliação imobiliária - princípios


We always keep a strong ethical position on our work

avaliação imobiliária - integridad


We can guarantee the utmost rigor and impartiality on our work

avaliação imobiliária - princípios


We have a multidisciplinary, qualified and experient team

TERRAVAL is a Portuguese company with a fully national capital structure, established on Principles, Integrity and Knowledge, that has been doing service rendering in the property market since 1997.

Real Estate Consulting Services

In business since 1997, TERRAVAL has an established position in the domestic market in the real estate consulting area, namely in the specific areas of property valuation and advice in expropriation cases.

In order to extend the area of influence of the company and its range of clients, we expanded our business to Africa, including Mozambique and Cape Verde and the Central and Eastern Europe, with relevance for Romania, Moldova and Croatia.

A strong ethic that characterizes us, coupled with technical knowledge, frequently updated in training and postgraduate studies in Portugal and abroad, enables us to develop a rigorous work and quality, recognized by our customers and the market in general

We hope to be worthy of your preference.

We were the first valuation company in Portugal to be certified for the property and expropriation services by the ISO 9001 and we obey a strong quality policy.

Property Valuation

TERRAVAL is one of the valuation companies in the national market, in the property scope, that resorts to the internationally recommended valuation methodologies.


The increment in large constructions with public utility such as roads, motorways and dams over the last two decades has promoted an increase in the need to expropriate.

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