avaliação imobiliária - princípios


We always keep a strong ethical position on our work

avaliação imobiliária - integridad


We can guarantee the utmost rigor and impartiality on our work

avaliação imobiliária - princípios


We have a multidisciplinary, qualified and experient team

The Company

We offer our clients national range as we have three offices in the Portuguese continental territory.

TERRAVAL is a Portuguese company with a fully national capital structure, established on Principles, Integrity and Knowledge, that has been doing service rendering in the property market since 1997.

TERRAVAL clients benefit from a range of unique advantages in the national property market which justify the option for TERRAVAL, namely:

  • Specialized and experienced human resources;
  • Complete strategic consultancy services, property management and property valuation;
  • Services that respect the international valuation standards;
  • The safety of a quality service, certified according to the international standards of ISO 9001;
  • A Research Unit that allows us to have updated information on the Portuguese property due to the frequent property studies developed in National Territory;
  • All the developed work is revised by a senior Consultant, which gives our costumers the possibility to usufruct from all the knowledge and experience he has acquired throughout his career.

Why choose Terraval

Qualified Team

Because we have a technical, all-inclusive, qualified and experienced team.


Because we provide a wide range of property services


Because we provide quality service at competitive prices

Our Mission

TERRAVAL’s mission is to render Property Valuation and Consultancy Services in a clear, concise, objective and idoneous way according to the best national and international practices. This grants the final product maximum quality and excellency guaranteeing the client’s full satisfaction.

Our principles consist of:

  • Exceed our clients’ expectations while assuring their fidelity;
  • Maintain a strong ethical attitude in all the developed work at all times;
  • Carry out constant investment in ongoing training for our Technical Office Staff so as to provide our technicians with precise and updated knowledge with the final objective of promoting innovation in the provided services.